Morro Bay Skatelab Skateboard Museum

Morro Bay Skatelab Skateboard Museum

enough good stuff for any aficionado of any era

Featuring skateboards and memorabilia from the 1930s to present day. The majority of our exhibits are on loan from Todd Huber’s Skatelab – Indoor Skatepark and Skateboarding Hall of Fame Museum.
601 Embarcadero
Suite 4
Morro Bay, California 93442
Phone:    805.610.3565
Open seven days a week, 10am – 6pm.

Logan and G&S

Jack Smith – racer, legend and curator


4 thoughts on “Morro Bay Skatelab Skateboard Museum

  1. Hi Jack it all looks great, I talked to Randy today and told him that you would like all 3 or our re-make designs for your museum, so I put a bug in his ear maybe you can follow it up with a e-mail or a call!

  2. Jack, love the set up and vast collection of your Skateboard Museum. I can only imagine the fun an old timer like me would have walking down memory lane. I use to own the entire Cadillac Wheel poster collection you have on the wall behind you. A few years ago I sold them for $200 each to help make the rent . . . have missed them ever since. I will be sure to drop in and see you and the memorabilia when I get to California.

    Cheers, Monty

    • Monty, those posters have been reprinted. If you contact Jack he can let you know how to contact the guy that made the posters.

  3. As always if it has something to do with skateboarding Jack Smith must have some involvement in it. Sort of 6 degrees of separation from Jack Smith so to speak-LOL! I have never met Jack face to face however we have spent the past several years emailing each other pictures and stories of this great sport we both love and have fond memories from. You will not find a greater guy than Jack and I can only wish him more great success with his newest adventure. Keep up the good work Jack!! Dennis Allgeier from Bel Air, MD.

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