Steve Alba- Spring Valley Hester I

Steve Alba at Spring Valley – Hester I practice

Salba. Hester I. 1978. He won the first pool contest ever. History. Believe it… There have been many pretenders to the throne but he has the trophy. In the 1970’s, skateboarding was different. You had to have consistency, tricks, lines, flow, style and use of the entire pool. There were guys who rode well and tried to blast, but staying on your skateboard was of paramount importance.  Salba stayed on and lived up to his moniker “La Machine”. Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the image at Spring Valley. Skate- Ozzie

Salba’s Spring Valley Hester I – First Place trophy


4 thoughts on “Steve Alba- Spring Valley Hester I

  1. Great shot of SALBA. I especially get a kick out of the “belt grinder” grip tape. That sure was a short lived fad. Can’t count the number of things we tried for better grip. The stuff used to just tear your skin apart if it hit you. It also didn’t last very long. The only other stuff more devastating to come in contact with was an Ick Stick deck.

  2. Awesome shit…… Look at those funky old Rector pads……..And looks like he was nursing a bad
    left thigh….. Awesome….

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