Baby Blue Tile

Wesley, Mason and friend.

Wesley Trbovich

A Skate is a charity organization for children with autism. On Wednesday, June 27th, I had the amazing opportunity to hang out at Arto’s house for a BBQ and pool session with A Skate’s founder Crys Worley and some other volunteers for the organization. Mason, a soon to be ripper, watched in awe from the deck. He had never stepped on a skateboard before and he swore he never would. “No way,” he kept saying. “It’s too scary!” I was able to get him to sit in the shallow end and watch the action from there. He summoned up enough courage to allow me to push him up and down the transition while he sat on the board. He soon graduated and reluctantly agreed to try a few runs standing up.

Fallon Worley

Sasha Worley

After the first go around, his fear was quickly replaced with an overwhelming excitement. “Again, again, again,” was all he could say. The magical look on these childrens faces brought back the feeling that I felt the first time that I got on a skateboard. The freedom. The innocence. Their glows quickly became contagious. I wish that I could somehow bottle up this moment and keep it for later.

Alex Salillas

Jason Salillas

As long as we never lose sight of why we started skating in the first place, we’ll always have our own little fountain of youth. I would like to thank Crys Worley for all the time and effort that she puts into helping children with autism and for creating such a wonderful organization.

Crys Worley, Emma and Arto’s daughter Ella

Thank you to Arto Saari, Jeff Fribourg and Joel Ahren for the stellar images. Thanks- Wesley Trbovich

Wesley, Sam and Mason


4 thoughts on “Baby Blue Tile

  1. Grounded. That’s what they feel. “Mom, for the first time in my life, I found a sport that being tense helps” ………… these words were said by my teenage son with asperger’s (mild autism). My son is a long boarder who craves speed….maybe, just maybe he will be known to you. thx for all you do!

  2. Great post as always! A skate is doing some fantastic work. My son has aspergers and I never dreamed he would skate. He fell off once and it was always no! No! No! After that. Then at 11 we were at vans in orlando (rip) and out of the blue he’s like I want to do that! Two years later he is tearing it up and I am so jealous of his gorgeous frontside turns on the wall in pools. So keep it up A skate and tell bones to make those wheels in SPF 58mm so we can support them!

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