Baldy- a look back.

it is the journey, not the destination…

Baldy pipe. Years of skateboarding madness has echoed through its hallowed corridor of concrete beauty. Pioneers. Muck, Tay Hunt, Autry, Valdez, Schneider, Cortum, Ayers, the Alba brothers, Hawks, Worm, Biniak and the list goes on and on. Through the 1970’s and up into the modern era, skateboarders all over the world have made the holy pilgrimage. It is THEE place one must skate!

Michael Serna Jr. – “One giant step…”

Samwise Gamgee – up in the Baldy hole

one must heed the writing on the wall…

Andy Macdonald – image: Grant Brittain

Serna Skate Clan Birthday Session


3 thoughts on “Baldy- a look back.

  1. Thanks Ozzie for this great post on Baldy. I’ll never forget the day that Worm took us to L-Pool and for a late afternoon heavy session with his buddies from Ick Stick. These were complete unknown flat wall rippers. To watch these guys float the flat wall on both sides of the mouth of the pipe was the magic of The Badlands skaters. Their ability to understand and push skating into the unknown of the then present vert knowledge was a sight to behold. Don’t even get me started on how awesome Worm was. Greatest skaters I ever saw. Truly a humbling experience.

  2. Great article my friend. I was just there in June thanks to Randy Katen and Micke Alba. Still sick as ever after all these years. Keep the goods coming I love re-posting your work. Peace!

    Rich Monday

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