William Sharp Book Project update

Jay Smith at Mondo’s pool. San Fernando Valley… through the viewfinder

I left San Diego at 4:00 am this morning. I had to get above LA traffic before I was sitting on the freeway. William Sharp lives in Oxnard. It was a long haul. We went through color slides today, splitting them into manageable categories. Contests, parks, pipes, pools, banks, ramps and lifestyle. I saw Scott Foss and Stevie Cab images when they first were put on the Bones Brigade. There were shots of Strople, Brad Bowman, Shreddi, Bela Horvath, Tony Alva, the Alba’s, Kona Boys, Gunnar, DP sans tattoos, Bulky Olson completely destroying, Hackett looking like a million dollars….  you get the idea? There are countless images of Winchester, Big-O, Hester I and Hester II, Marina / Gyro Dogbowl contest and numerous images from other contests.

I looked at insane images until I thought my head would explode. Bill smiled and handed me a clear sleeve full of slides and I put the viewfinder up to my eye.  One of the enduring pool images of all time: Jay Smith fully lapped over on the hip at Mondo’s pool! So unreal. We worked until we couldn’t any longer. I am beyond stoked. This is ‘dreams come true’ stuff going on here…  Skate- Ozzie

William Sharp


5 thoughts on “William Sharp Book Project update

  1. Ozzie, you know how I feel about Jay Smith, How both of us feel about Jay Smith! This lap over photo is just proof of his insane grace, power and STYLE!

  2. thank you for covering the uncovering of the single greatest skate shot in history…the jay smith lapover! i have always talked about that photo as the quintessential shot, and felt that Mr Sharp never got the respect he was due (compared to the other marquee names at the time). needless to say, i will be waiting impatiently to pre-order my book the minute i hear about its availability. and if he ever chooses to sell limited edition prints of that Smith photo, i’m cracking open the piggy bank!

  3. Sheeze…look at that shot of Jay..one wheel on the deck and one wheel on the wall. Absolutely a very powerful move for its time. Pushing the boundaries of commitment. Jay always stoked the SD Boyz. One of a kind front-side lapover . We called it a Smithereen.

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