Angelo, Jay Smith, Lester, Slade, Ferry, Orton, Jay Adams, Gray and Jerry Valdez

Recently, a crew of heavies got together and rode with Angelo. Rippers. Every single one. The years of pool riding experience on that deck, on that day…  it was pretty incredible. Longevity is a pretty awesome thing. It teaches you about people and life. Hopefully, it makes you a better person. Most of the things that I learned that were worth knowing… I learned after I was 35 years old. Funny how that works. Patience. Kindness. I learned that I am not the center of life’s vortex. I learned that all life does not revolve around me…  These guys are a collective. They are an example. Longevity. Brotherhood. Thanks to William Sharp for the image. Skate- Ozzie


2 thoughts on “longevity

  1. Ozzie,
    You are absolutely right on learning at a later age. I am 29yrs old, and lived a wild life. Until I got sober I was not able to understand life fully. Today I look at things from a different view. The photo of those men absolutely show a lot of wisdom, triumph, and commitment to skateboarding/life. Your a very great writer, and I believe you are able to paint such a great picture of skateboarding due to your love/passion for it.
    Thanks a lot! John Bedard

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