Buster Halterman – tail grab one foot
Wellsville Pa. Barn Ramp August 1991

I was thinking about Buster this morning. I miss that dude. We don’t see each other that often. At one time, I lived with the Halterman’s and we would ride vert together in the barn. Those days are some of the best memories I have. I miss those times. Dave & Chris Cohara, Scott Ward, Jim Howell, Nick Kook, Squim, Mike Breen, Jason Wagner, Ryan Zahn…  we had such a rad crew. We would all meet up on Friday nights at the Halterman farm, drink coffee, pad up and ride until really late. We would get up in the morning and Bad H — Busters dad– would make us fried eggs and stuff, then we would do chores and start skating all over again. Saturday nights were spent eating pizza at a local spot, farting on each other and talking about how rad Mike Frazier was. Sunday: repeat. Twenty years can get behind us all pretty quickly. Time on rewind. I really miss you guys. Love- Ozzie

Buster – Indy to fakie

Thanks to Geoff Graham for the images.

7 thoughts on “Buster

  1. i agree. like breen said, “it will never get any more rad than back then”. buster taught me to skate like a man, or to “put my balls in my pocket, and do it”. the possibilities were endless back then, the sessions lasted forever, the world was immense. i have let skateboarding down ever since. love to all. scott w.

  2. I always heard rad stories! Never made it out for a session! It’s a bummer but it’s also cool to think about what must have gone down. Or what the place looked like in person. Buster had us all hooked on his style since the first glimpse. Good job Oz!

  3. Best times ever, I miss layback Ozzie slides from railings to the mattresses!, cases of Miller sharps, Megadeath Hanger 13, and egg sandwiches with mustard only.

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