Tim Brauch Memorial Contest XIV

It was a bright sun that met us early this morning at the Lake Cunningham Skate Park. The Tim Brauch Memorial Contest was in its fourteenth year and there was going to be some serious bowl destruction to commemorate the man and his special place in our world. The ladies, Ams, Masters and Pros would be hitting it hard all day. The ladies rolled and Lizzie Armanto crushed it. I didn’t feel that the ladies received a fair contest. It was kept short and they were all placed together. It didn’t really showcase what they could actually do. We were on a time constraint, so I understood. It will be nice when the ladies get a fair venue to really show the world what they can do and how important they are for skateboarders everywhere.

Lizzie Armanto- Back D

All the heats were heavy in the Ams and Tristan Rennie dominated. He was really throwing down some heavy tricks and his lines were amazing. Griffin Chase tore the bowl up and ended in 2nd and a teflon-smooth Bobo ended up in 3rd. When Bobo was riding, I was smiling… he is rad!

Tristan Rennie- Madonna

The Masters were unreal. Steve Caballero defended the title and really lit the place up. He stood on the podium triumphant. Mike McGill stood tall beside him in 2nd Place. Mike threw down a super gnarly McTwist in his final run. It was really something to see! Eddie Elguera was flowing through the pool like water. He made some serious trick combinations and was inspiring to watch. Eddie ended up 3rd and it was well-deserved. He ripped!

Steve Caballero -flying into victory.

Mike McGill- McTwist

Eddie Elguera- Front Rock

The Pro riders were on a tear. There was so much going down that half the time, I was standing and yelling. These guys were going crazy and staying on everything. In the end, Michael Brookman, Josh Rodriguez and Sky stood on the podium respectively.

Michael Brookman- enroute to 1st Place Pro

Josh Rodriguez- Saran Wrap banger

Sky- the name fits perfectly

Daniel Cuervo- Tuck-knee Invert.

Criss-cross absurdity. When is enough enough?

Daniel Cuervo was ripping hard and took a serious slam after colliding with someone.  When will we stop hurting each other? I saw a good deal of disrespect this week. Riders dropping in and snaking legends and each other…  while in the middle of a run! I saw groms unregulated. I saw Daniel Cuervo flying head high and another rider just rolling right into the deep end with him. Oblivious. Collision. Daniel was hurt but came back around. He ended in 5th place and I am very stoked he is okay. My pool pal Josh Stafford took a mean slam but kept at it as well. It was a great event and WCS pulled off another fine contest. A bit of advice though… Please regulate.  I don’t like seeing my friends getting hurt. Tim Brauch lives on in the memory of all the riders and I’m sure he was smiling down on us all day long. Thanks to MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Parting shot: one of my favorites- Josh Stafford. FS Boneless


9 thoughts on “Tim Brauch Memorial Contest XIV

  1. Lizzie is my new favorite female skater, she also grew up in Santa Monica… my home girl. Stoked! Traditional Dogtown style.

  2. Great blog and coverage. Thanks for pointing out that the girls didn’t get much time: The girls were given a 30 second intro-run followed by a 5 minute jam with 7 girls per heat. That shakes out to approx 1:13 (1 minute and 13 seconds per rider) of actual contest skating for the judges to assess them. A lot of girls traveled a long way and practiced hard only to get two runs in the contest. Also, ‘jam’ format while exciting is high-risk as you indicated and encourages and basically rewards ‘snaking’. Thanks to WCS for having a girls’ contest but I’m really hoping on behalf of the girls and as the father of one of the skaters in the contest, they will choose to give them more time to skate in future events. – Max Wettstein

  3. Skating basically defines commitment , intensity, and risk. Adding “jam session” collision runs to events detracts from skating and makes us look like insecure idiots who are trying way too hard to be “rad”. If riders feel so shitty about themselves and insecure about their abilities what the hell are they doing entering a contest? I guess it’s a way to make sure sponsors and money stay away from bowl riding events so we can all end up broken and poor. But that’s ” Keepin it real bro”. Real Stupid.

  4. Another awesome time with our extended family Ozzie. Very happy that Daniel’s OK. I felt sick when I saw him go down. He’s not only a phenomenal talent that everyone apprreciates seeing but he’s as absolutely solid and nice a young man as you’ll meet in this world. I agree, these men and women risk it all and put it on the line it’s senseless to force them to withstand additonal risks. These are the BEST skaters in the world, do we really want them endangered for some gladiator-like thrill for the crowd ? You know my answer. Stafford’s an animal ! I saw him go down so hard most people would’ve needed help out but he limped out only to charge charge back in to finish his run . . SKATER, 100% ! These are our our brothers and sisters . . our family. We must always remember that.

  5. Never understood the drop in thing in skating. The bowl is made of concrete. It is not going anywhere. Respect each other. When you drop in and cause someone to get hurt you just look like a total kook.

  6. Thank you Ozzie for letting us in on the amazing world of vert that you share with us on a daily basis. To have a memorial contest for a skater is really a powerful statement on the way this man lived his life. Very few know about Tim..but he would have been a welcome bro at Kona Bowl and the VC Rez anytime. I tip my hat and hoist a pint to the great memory of a truly gifted man. GBH

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