Adam 12 at Spitfire


Ridiculous house. September. 2009.  Salba asked Adam 12 to stop by on his way over and check on this house. Salba heard it was empty. Recon. Grapevine. Networking. When Adam 12 returned to Ridiculous, all he said was “Grab a broom and your stuff. We need to go to this one!” We loaded the cars and drove past. Quiet sleepy street. Manicured lawns. A bit upscale. We ended up hiking in from a riverbed as the house was backed up against a huge ravine. The pool was pretty insane. To me, the pool resembled the Spitfire head… Adam 12, Salba, Billy, PK and others gave this pool a beating. It wouldn’t last. They never do. Thanks Salba. Thanks Adam 12. Skate- Ozzie

Adam 12 – Spitfire


5 thoughts on “Adam 12 at Spitfire

  1. “Stop making shit up bro, its pretty obvious.”

    This is how it happened. Just like I wrote it. The pool looks like a Spitfire head so I called it that. It isn’t anything more. I am sorry if you don’t like it… My apologies. Good day.

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