Jake Reuter, Cam Dowse, MRZ and I. We drove the windy road to the high desert. Gusts buffeted our car and made semi-trucks weave down the freeway like giant metal snakes. Trash billowed by and I saw long black plastic sheeting stuck in a steel guardrail girder. The tattered ends were snapping in the wind. Burnt bushes from a roadside fire were shadowed by the huge propellers from the wind turbine power generators that lined the I-10 freeway. Desolation.  In a store, I saw meth users clenching their jaws and scratching the -invisible- bugs off their arms. Fidgeting, they stood in line to buy cigarettes. They looked like skeletons. In a dead voice, the one guy asked for Marlboros. His pal stole a handful of candy when the clerk turned away.


Police cars prowled. I smelled overflowing dumpsters. I saw filthy babies  playing in dirty yards. Savage dogs growled behind broken, graffiti-splashed fences. I saw looted cars. I witnessed furtive looks and fear. Despair was everywhere. We found our way into an old neighborhood. We knocked on doors. Shut down. Doors closed abruptly in our faces. We hopped a fence at a foreclosure. Perfect plaster glittered in the sun. Dust and debris swirled around the drain of the deep end. I swept. We were quiet. Jake and Cam took two runs each. Grinds. Speed. Flow. I heard voices. “Really?  Hey… My baby is asleep!”  I looked over a fence and a neighbor scolded me.  I gave the others a signal and we poured over the fence…  disappeared.


glittering prize


Jake- first wall before the fall…

At an old favorite, we received a welcome smile and the pool opened up to us. The Powell Peralta team was along for the ride. Cam, Jake, MRZ and I put up high fives all around, as Chad Bartie, Deville, Terry, Shane Borland, Josh Hawkins and Steven Reeves stepped into the backyard and started the session.

Hawkins, Bartie, Reeves, me and Rueter

Hawkins, Bartie, Reeves, me and Reuter


Steven Reeves


Chad Bartie


Shane Borland

The energy level was high. Chad Bartie was just returning from an injury and it was good to see him working out some lines for the first time in awhile. Shane lit it up with crail reverts and Steven pulled Smith grinds. Everyone was ripping. It was rad to see Josh Hawkins in the pool as well. Cam ripped the deathbox and Jake pulled tail taps on the side wall.

Cam Dowse

Cam Dowse


Jake Reuter

We headed back towards Ridiculous. I invited everyone in for a nightcap. The invitation was accepted. Lights lit up the darkened backyard. There was still some work to be done and –mark my words–it would get done! Shane Borland was a powerhouse all day. The sun dropping on the horizon didn’t detract him from throwing down. Josh flew about the pool in a carefree manner. He spent a fair bit of time with his trucks on the coping. Jake ruled with an iron hand and his blunt slide sealed the deal on the day. In the end, everyone was happy. Skateboarding pools with some friends will always be the mark of a good day. Thanks to the crew and to MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie


Shane- frontside glide

Josh Hawkins- Smith

Josh Hawkins- Smith

Jake- bluntslide

Jake- bluntslide


3 thoughts on “INDIO

  1. Great skating as usual Ozzie…but what’s with all the spray paint junior high stuff. I cannot remember one time when any local skater took a rattle can to Kona,VC Rez,VC pool, Escondido Rez. Me thinks there would be more permission pools if it was not for these latent destroyers of fine concrete and coping. Enroll in art school and leave the walls alone.

    • Pools in the dirty downtrodden areas of any city are usually covered in graffiti. It isn’t usually the skaters doing it. I think it is their version of art/poetry/self-expression. Whether we like it or not, it makes sense to them in some strange way…

      • we old guys know to leave only grinds, the taggers always blow out our spots.
        In montreal we hit this and only pool , the motel is boarded up . and now fully tagged. Now they throw us out and give fines if caught on prperty, before all the mess they really did not care. i have no problem dropping a dime on one of them.
        why dont they target the banks and big buisness the real problem in the world today.

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