Edge of the World – Dawning


New Years Day. Tony Alva left Los Angeles as the sun washed the nearby hillsides with feeble light. It was to be a long drive. He sipped coffee and made his way east. Miles away, a few friends were driving into the morning light as well. They were meeting up to ride the desert gem. It was a new year. A sparkling day. This would be the start of something beautiful. The countdown to the finality of all things had come and gone. The end didn’t end. So it goes…


Mike Early, me, TA, MRZ and Shawn

Mike Early, me, TA, MRZ and Shawn

Tony Alva. Michael Early, Ray Zimmerman, Shawn and I came together that morning. The sun welcomed us like an old friend. We smiled as we talked and greeted each other. None of us wished to be anywhere else. It was cold. We drove to the pool. It spread out under the morning light. It glittered and beckoned to us. “Come…”  We heeded the call. The end days? We didn’t think so. Fresh ideas and new lines were explored. We reached  inside ourselves and found a new fire. Rekindled.

TA- spitting into the shallows

TA- spitting into the shallows

Michael Early

Michael Early – frontside lapper

Ripperside Shawn

Ripperside Shawn – mid wall edge control under the watchful eyes of TA



Recently, I have been thinking about a few things. People and expectations. The cruel selfishness that seems all pervasive in humanity. Sometimes, you need to know when it’s time to turn the page. I tread the same dark green water as everyone else and it’s difficult to remain buoyant sometimes. The end of everything didn’t really occur… or did it?  How do we perceive things?  Maybe it’s a matter of our state of mind. Our perception. For there to be a new beginning, the old has to be put to rest. Grace and dignity follows. With this, comes peace. Thank you to KRSNA, the crew and special thanks to MRZ for the images. Good fortune and health to everyone in this new year. Love- Ozzie

TA - the past and present meet

TA – the past and present meet


“Secret spot!? In the surfing and skateboarding world, nothing is more valuable. I had my eagle eye on this egg pool ever since the Beer Beagle and I got denied a few years ago. The thing about getting it,  is you have to be patient but ambitious, persistent but not greedy. Dualities of life are not always easy, but with wisdom the rewards manifest in promises. So, it did, on the very first day of 2013  (a very lucky omen)  to start on the road to progress. Riding with grace teaches us an important lesson. Stay in the moment. There is no other way. The path is the goal. Hare bol, dancing for Krishna, over easy.”  – Tony Alva