Scott Foss

Scott Foss at Ridiculous

Scott Foss at Ridiculous

A random phone call. Scott Foss. “Hey Ozzie. What is going on? Are you around today? I”d like to stop by and skate Ridiculous with you on my way back up north.” I shouldn’t have to tell you my response to such a suggestion. Of course we would be skating. Hell yeah!

Scott Foss at Colton

Scott Foss at Colton

This is Scott Foss. He is and remains one of the most influential style masters of the OG Bones Brigade. I would’ve hopped over to Orange County on one leg and back again just to skate a pool with this guy! He arrived and we padded up and enjoyed the afternoon sun. The session was mellow.


Lance Mountain came by and all three of us put down some lines and airs. Scott put a grind up on the hip, sailed over the side ladder stairs both ways and pulled frontside airs in less time than it takes to write these words. He told me that he hasn’t skated a real backyard pool in a long time. It didn’t show. He can rip… and he did. Lorrie Palmos was along and took some photographs and I thank her here. “Thank you Lorrie.” Thanks to Scott Foss and Lance Mountain for the session. Dreams do come true. Skate- Ozzie


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  1. Let’s go down there together Scotty, road trippin’, skate some bowls and visit some bros!

  2. Thanks again Ozzie. Never fails to lift the spirits. I suppose it is the next best thing to being there.
    Staying stoked in Oklahoma (70s San Diego Skater transplanted in the 90s).

  3. Hey my friend, I can’t tell you how insane that session was for me. I was stoked like in the early days when we were barging backyard bowls and living adventures. Thanks Ozzie.

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