Bert Lamar

Bert Lamar

Bert Lamar

Bert Lamar. His name was everywhere in the skateboard magazines of the late 1970’s. He was a heavy threat in skateboarding contests of the time. In the words of some, he was, “…a spoiled little brat! A trouble maker.” Whatever the case may be, Bert Lamar ripped and did it well. He was a prodigy on the Sims team and he threw it down when he needed to do so. Truth be told.¬†History. Bert walked away from skateboarding, made a successful snowboarding company, and now spends his time as a golfing pro. We are pushing forward with the William Sharp Book Project. I have spoken with Brad Bowman, Dennis Martinez, TA, Arthur Viecco, Steve Alba and Shreddi Repas lately. I’m looking forward to speaking with Kevin Worm Anderson, Greg Ayers, Marc Smith and Scott Dunlap. Pineapple, Gunnar, Jay Adams and Micke loom on my horizon. Respect. – Ozzie


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  1. Look a little closer on bottom of deck; clear stick-on rails by the look of it, pretty cool..

  2. Good job!!Team Sims was Cutting edge,But don’t forget Frank Blood!!!! Frank ruled upland, Did the biggest air at Hester 2 next Scott Dunlap.The Dave Dominy films clearly show this and so much more. Who needs memory when you have film?……Film does not lie or get fuzzy,The truth is out there!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks Ozzie for your passion in this sport!!…

  3. Minki ! Bert definitely walked with his head up, but he earned it. Complete shredder with style. If you got to know him as I did you found he was a seriously cool guy. Had a lot of fun together back in the day.

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