Leo Ruiz

Leo Ruiz- Method air

Leo Ruiz- Method air

I was skating at my friend Evandro Mancha Menezes’ vert ramp in San Diego awhile back. Mancha is one of those rare souls. Happy. Open and honest. He listens when you converse with him. He had a friend of his from Brazil there with us that day. His name is Leo Ruiz. Like Mancha, Leo is a rare soul as well. Good people. We all laughed and skated away through the afternoon. Leo skated extremely well. Huge airs, flip tricks and 540’s poured from him like water… it was inspiring. Leo rarely stops smiling. I find this to be a good human quality. We talked afterwards and have skated together on numerous occasions since that day. Leo is a complete ripper and I’ve started flowing him Blue Tile Obsession boards to help him and keep quality decks under his capable feet. I thank him here and now for riding  them and most of all, I thank him for being a super cool person. Thank you to Brian Fick for the image. Skate – Ozzie


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