Hester Series / Spring Valley / Dennis Martinez

Dennis Martinez- stoop so low, to reach so high.

Dennis Martinez- stoop so low, to reach so high.

Dennis Martinez
“Like all hometown parks, certain people get aquatinted with their parks and terrain.
Spring Valley, San Diego,  was the first park to have a real swimming pool. It was designed after the famous SDSU Soul Bowl. We rode that park and that pool, day and night. We knew every line, kink and flaw. When the Hester pro bowl came up, the San Diego boys had the advantage. Well,  that’s what we thought. Great skaters can skate anything and many great skaters came down and ripped. Most of my friends thought that I stood a good chance at winning or placing really well.  As the competition started, the skating got gnarly. I was doing very well,  but I smoked and got too high. I lost it on a big frontside speed carve into a high frontside air. I hooked up in the deep end and I totally thought I had it. I fell straight to the bottom on my head. I was taken to the hospital with a bad concussion and was unable to finish. Even though I couldn’t finish, I still made top ten, so that lets you know I was doing pretty good. After losing and seeing Steve Alba as the winner I yelled out –  “I want a rematch”. For the record – EVERYONE RIPPED and Salba deserved to win. Needless to say, I was disappointed.” – Dennis Martinez
Thank you Dennis and thanks to Glen E. Friedman for the image. Skate- Ozzie

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  1. Dennis Martinez really is an awesome skater but he’s MORE awesome now helping others that are less fortunate than we all are. You rock, Dennis!

  2. The T in the upper right hand corner is still there. Freeway where the park used to be.

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