Jay Smith / Hester Series

Jay Smith Hester Series Whittier

Jay Smith Hester Series Whittier

Jay Smith

“To be quite honest, I never really liked contests, but the Whittier Hester contest was one of them where I did pretty well. I don’t really know why. I didn’t like the compulsory runs. They killed me. Compulsory runs just seemed to take away the freedom of skating to me. The only thing I did enjoy about contests, were the sessions in the days leading up to the event. The best skating always happened on the practice days. Heavy sessions. Everyone was pushing each other hard. On contest day, it was organized. We had to go in order and the waiting just took it out of me. The contest was structured and boring… we waited and waited and then had to take our turn. By then, our pads were dry, our muscles no longer ready, we were stiff, especially if we had slammed practicing… It just wasn’t for me. The fun was always present in the days before an event. The sessions, parties and everything. Compulsories killed that for me. I’m a pool skater, not a robot. I simply couldn’t do some of those tricks and I didn’t want to. I’m never going to learn a trick that I don’t want to do. The skateboarding of a contest just seemed to lack pizzazz.” – Jay Smith

Thank you to Jay Smith for his memories and Glen E. Friedman for the image. Skate- Ozzie

8 thoughts on “Jay Smith / Hester Series

  1. Now what is really great about this photo is…Jay looks like he is relaxed in a hammock in Fiji waitin’ for a mojito as he is chillaxin!… waiter please….a little more lapover mix in my drink. This guy just ruled on these. Jayboy is somethin’ else. We knew and we saw.

  2. hey Ozzie Just Checking in to see your OBSESSION. Thanks for keeping your heart in soul on 4 wheels! JAMI

  3. Jay is the best ever at laybacks-but thanks Shogo! I really appreciate his skating the most because Jay always comes in hot! Burning up whatever he skates with manic, almost cartoonish speed! Ask anyone who’s skated with him in the 2000’s and they’ll tell ya…he’s super fast! That’s why he didn’t like all the back and forth compulsory type runs full of tricks and treats to blow his speed!!! Hail Jay “The Layback Master” Smith

  4. Such a epic photo! Look at all the classic goods in this photo – Powell Beamer, indy coper, Powell tailbone pad, Sims Gloves and Mad Rats. Plus, the trick itself is so insane — every photo of Jay Smith is a pleasure to see.

  5. If the layback had been a compulsory, you woulda taken it all Jay. Thanks for the 1st person feeling of being a participant in skating history. You the true layback maestro.

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