William Sharp Book Project / Update

Brad Bowman over the deathbox at the Fishbowl. AKA- Pink Motel. 1979

Brad Bowman over the deathbox at the Fishbowl. AKA- Pink Motel. 1979

“Don’t let dreams always be dreams.” – Delmar Collins

William Sharp Book Project. We’ve come a very long way in the past year. First, we had to buy a high-end scanner for color slides and B&W negatives and then we had to sort and separate thousands of images. William spent a few months over the winter, scanning and putting photographs in order. I started doing the questions and collecting stories. We have completed the preliminary image selections for all of the major sections in the book. I’m finishing up the writing this week through next and then we only have to trim down and complete the publication image selections from those we’ve not already eliminated. I’ve finished editing stories and anecdotes from some of the greatest names in skateboarding. The list includes: Tony Alva, Steve Olson, Brad Bowman, Jay Smith, Jerry Valdez, Kent Senatore, Scott Foss, Eddie Elguera, Pineapple Saladino, Dennis Martinez, Arthur Viecco, Dave Ferry, Jay Adams, Duane Peters, Steve Caballero, the Alba brothers, Kevin Anderson, David Hackett, Stacy Peralta, Wes Humpston, Jim Muir, Tom Wally Inouye, Shreddi Repas, Gunnar Haugo and the Kona Boys, the Dogtown crew, Rick Blackhart and Teddi Bennett, among others. Its almost ready.  Labor of love. This is a dream coming true for me…  I love skateboarding. Ozzie


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  1. Plunging forward through history. Thanks for the preview / headsup, can’t wait to snap 1 up. Keep on the tracks. Bill & you are a dream team to have in the library.

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