The Grid

there is no elevator. one must take the stairs.

The day before had been a hot one. San Burn Gnar. It lives up to its name. I stretched out and ran. My lower back hurt and I felt old. After my workout, I figured I would do some grid work. Concrete miles. Foreclosures. “Are you down with OPP?”  Yeah,   Other People’s Properties. You know me… I drove a few streets and squinted into the sun. The problem with getting up at 4:30 am…  is that by noon, I’ve already done everything that I need to do. It makes the evening feel almost out of reach.

sliding in

I drove and drank water. Katatonia growled from the speakers. “The Dead End King is here…” It seemed fitting. An old lady sat on a porch and stared idly into the morning sun. She had an oxygen tank beside her and the thing was sending oxygen to her nose through a clear plastic tube. In her hand was a smoldering cigarette. Dangerous. She was one of the doomed. A shadow passed across her face. She looked up startled and caught my eye as I drove slowly past. I felt for her. Her house was old and paint-blistered. An old car sat dusty and rusting in the driveway. She looked rumpled. Her life had passed her by and I was reminded of something I had read. “It’s hard to answer the question “What’s wrong?” when nothing is right.”

life and its obstacles

I continued on. I found a few good pools. The yards were a mess. Most of the people had pulled out and left. Most of what was left remaining was junk and trash. Detritus. The Obama administration doesn’t seem to ever see such sights. I step around children’s clothing, family photographs, mattresses and plants wilting in the hot sun. Maybe our government should take care of us instead of themselves for a change. I drove on into the sun. It was time to think happier thoughts.

Count Lurkenberry

The streets were surprisingly empty. Weekend. Early. I thought of my friends…  my real friends. People that love me for the person I am. I thought of Angelo and his pool. I laughed to myself as I remembered something Lance Mountain had said. I took phone calls from TA, Jim Howell, Jerry Valdez and Jonathan Spooner. I reflected on life and all that is good in it.


In the end, I made it home. I found some new things and spent the morning in an  introspective way. Perhaps by seeing the bad in the world, I am reminded to stay positive and send good vibes out on a constant basis. I will not be one of those that get stuck in the stagnant pool. Complacent. I don’t own a television yet I still would refuse to believe its lies and nonsense. “While there’s life, there’s hope.” – Cicero

Skate and stay positive- Ozzie


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  1. Tom Fain taught how to find Empty Pools…Google Earth. It’s amazing how many are right in our own neighborhoods…..Satellite view !!! Then you can zoom down to the street view and you are set.

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