I sit here at Ray’s house in Long Beach. It is the eve of my fifth decade. I turn fifty years old in a few hours. I’ve been terribly vexed over my upcoming birthday… No other birthday has affected me so. I’m unsure as to why. Do I feel like there is something left to give up? Am I feeling my own mortality in some strange way? I knew I was getting older, when college girls stopped looking at me like I was a threat. They started calling me, “Sir”. That stung for awhile…  One morning a few months ago, I was cleaning the bathroom at Ridiculous. People were coming over to skate and I try and keep things tidy. I was reaching for the Comet cleanser under the bathroom sink and caught my reflection briefly in the mirror. I was shocked as I saw my father’s face! I sat down for a second… It was really strange. I wasn’t me. Advancing years. I wish a camera and a mirror would agree on what I look like as I get confused. Anyway, I wanted to learn something new on my skateboard before my fiftieth. I had a childish fantasy that I’d learn something radical. Then I realized that maybe I didn’t need to do something new. Maybe it was enough that I was doing something… I’m fifty. I surmised that it was a good thing that I was healthy enough to roll around at all. I’m grateful that I can go to a pool and carve around, grind and throw up an air or two. Gratitude. I’m grateful that I made it this far. MRZ and I went to this pool a few weeks ago for twenty minutes. The image is pretty appropriate. There is a five foot marker in the foreground. Shallow end. It says 50. My age. It could also say 5. My current years of sobriety. I guess this sums it all up. Thank you to everyone that supported what I do these last few years since I became sober. I appreciate it. You’ve kept me where I need to be. For that, I owe you all… Thank you to MRZ for the image. Love- Ozzie


14 thoughts on “Fifty

  1. What a great photo! Happy 50th, welcome to the club, and thank you for this great blog!
    As a teenager I’d been flipping through the pages of Skateboarder Mag,
    dreaming of life in California, then I got to live the dream for 16 years until just about a year ago. Now life took me to the other coast and back to ‘California Dreaming’. Your blog is a great way to fool me into believing that I still live in LA… Thanks for that! Enjoy skating those pools & many happy returns.

  2. Crazy shit what time does to us , keep on ridding pools , and you’ll never get old
    happy 50

  3. Well I would say that 12′ wall with the carve over the stairs is pretty rediculous by itself!! As a young man of 44 I hope I can do that when I’m 50! Congrats and keep rolling!

  4. Happy Birthday Ozzie! Thanks for all the great posts, I enjoy reading them all the time. Keep up the great work and you’re always welcome to come down for a session here at Clairemont!

  5. Happy Birthday young man! After thirty two years I started skating again After I turned 50.
    Why?, because of the efforts on your blog. Here’s to your day Ozzie.

  6. Well, keep it up. Stay limber. Stretch. Try not to slam. I think its great that you skate at fifty. Its just different . A rare breed. Not many of you out there.

  7. 48 1/2 and I know what you’re talking about but I feel it in my own way. Spent a couple hours in the bowl today, carving mostly, wishing for speed. I’m typically the oldest though I have a few contemporaries. Last year I started a skateboard club so my son (7) and his buddies would have yet another reason to be together. Watching the little ones learning is a gas. Thanks Ozzie. Go skate.

  8. Many happy returns dude! I know how you feel. I hit 50 in June, decided to go for a roll by myself, the day after my bday I’m thinking I can’t drop, I can’t grind, I’m 50! It’s all BS in the end, we are doing stuff people half our age wouldn’t try, so we are ahead!

    All the best!-

  9. Happy birthday Ozzie. I’m 43 and feel what your saying. 2 years ago i was still rollin fast. Now i’m lucky if i can last an hour. If i want to last another 30, healthy habits and physical fitness is the way to keep shredin’

  10. 50 is the new 30… It’s a number, a big one, but just a number. Skating keeps us young even though we don’t bounce like we did when we were 17.

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