One Of These Days

Jake Reuter

Jake Reuter

One of these days, the entire sky is going to fall onto our heads. Did you ever think of how that might be? I think it’ll be natures way of telling us we are free. Free of the Pentium prisons we now live in…. free of the burden we carry. We have more expedient ways of communicating and yet we truly communicate less. Appalling. There will be no more trees. No more wasted moments. Our time will consist of hunting for food and preventing the weak from being violated by the savage. Base instinct will prevail. Barbarity. People will walk and walk… looking for hope around the next hillside. Women will find themselves knocked back in the pecking order as armed men tear at each other with knives, guns and reprehensible behavior. Entitlement will be a done deal. Early grave. Ego will become shot to Hell. Reputations won’t matter. Braggers words. We will become distrustful of them. A gun means what it says. There will be no planes, travel or Starbucks. There will be no more overflowing grocery shelves and waste. Buckled roads will be littered with the lonely. Cars will become motels for the weary walkers. The grass, vines and weeds will take back the planet. Blood will be a constant reminder that all things have changed and not for the better… Oh wait, this is already going on.

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3 thoughts on “One Of These Days

  1. We have more expedient ways of communicating and yet we truly communicate less.
    Zbigniew Brzezinky wrote in his book between two ages , in 1970. “The paradox of our time is that humanity is becoming simultaneously more unified and more fragmented.”The fragmentation of texting , i remember getting my first text i was appalled. now try to talk to somebody, don’t bother me just text me . human beings more synthetic than authentic.

  2. And we will thrive on the remnants. How long is your “after the holocaust” list? I found a few new ones yesterday. I dig the apocalyptic machinations.

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