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Tony Alva - Corral Pool

Tony Alva – Corral Pool

TAwordsLance Mountain wrote this in Trans World around 1989. He was giving tribute to Tony Alva and it was right around Tony’s 32nd birthday. Lance wrote,  “I want to skate like him when I’m thirty two years old.” Here we are twenty five years later. Both are beyond legendary and still rip to this very day. Lance is almost fifty and TA is fifty seven this coming September. There have never really been fifty year old skateboarders before. It has always been a young man’s game. No more.  These guys were not just one in a million…  they are more than this. At forty and fifty, there are many amazingly gifted skaters and yet some of their bodies can no longer handle the strain of their extraordinary abilities. It is something they are confronted with daily… Something is happening and it is glorious. Skateboarders are aging. Grace and dignity. I am sure they will continue doing what they do. There can be no other way. Skate- Ozzie

Tony Alva - Log Cabins

Tony Alva – Log Cabins


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  1. I remember those two pools. They were right across the street from each other in the valley.

    • Corral was ridden in the 1970’s by a Who’s Who of skateboarding pioneers. It was renamed the Crack Bowl in the 80’s after it was rediscovered and going again. The square was called Log Cabins because the changing rooms next to the pool looked like little Log Cabins. It was actually known as Willis Pool by Arthur Viecco & Shreddi, as it was on Willis in Panorama City.

  2. i built a pool in my backyard , when i was 41 , now dawning 45 wishing i would of done before.
    the older guys keep me motivated , i am always scared that they stop. and say “i am too old”
    i fear that , a gauge my skating on there’s .60 too old then 15 years to go . then i say why do i ever have to quit ,if i can walk i can always skate, a pool or bowl or down a street .

  3. scan0007

    I was having the same thought last night before i clicked on your blog this morning, i was thinking how weird it would be if 50 year old skateboarders showed up to the Gyro Dogbowl Contest 1979.. as you know it would not have been possible back then.. great mix of talent in the link i added just as skateboarding was heating up ~ early 79..

  4. Its going both ways. Skaters are getting older and the younger ones are improving rapidly.

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