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Christian Potter - Gorilla Pool

Christian Potter – Gorilla Pool

When Christian was visiting from England, we drove the grid. One of the things he talked about, was the lack of pools where he is from. It really is a southern California, Arizona, southwest thing. If we are speaking of pool abundance, this is where they are in numbers. He wanted to drive the grid and see how we do exactly what we do.






The second day that he was here, it rained a bit. Perfect morning for a drive. I loaded up the buckets and everything. I wanted him to earn it. We stopped at the Gorilla pool and bucketed this permission pool so that we might skate it later on. There was quite a bit of rainwater in it. He thought that it looked impossibly steep. I informed him that he was looking at it incorrectly. We don’t really ride straight up and down a pool wall. You carve up and across it. This makes the transitions much larger and usually easier to get to the top.




John Torchia

John Torchia – Gorilla Pool

Shane Allen

Shane Allen- Gorilla Pool

We drove the grid. We found a pool or two. Junk mostly. It was interesting for Christian. Friends stopped by later and we had a backyard pool day. Experience. Roots. The basis of all things radical.. Good friends. Good times. Thank you to William Sharp for the images. Skate- Ozzie


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  1. i know exactly how christian feels, writing this from penticton BC Canada. we also have a serious lack of pools up here, almost unheard of…last summer we lucked out and got a permission pool in the middle of a functioning local motel! (even more rare right??) The pool itself hadnt been running in over 8 years according to local legend, it was an absolute MESS to clean out; almost three weeks work for three dudes but oh so worth it. Didnt matter that the trannys were tight, didnt matter that yours truly only got a hand full of runs till the pool blew his knee out (last aug, still fucked) what mattered was that we all got to go back to our roots of pool skating. What really mattered was the whole vibe. Ozzie, is there any way i can send you pics of our find here to post?? your northern brethren salute you, hope to carve a few with u one day bro…

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