William Sharp Book Project – Layout

Darren Ho

Darren Ho

This project is taking quite a bit of time. There are many reasons for this. Bill and I both have full time jobs and the project itself was a massive undertaking. First, we had to separate and scan all the slides. They numbered in the thousands. We had to categorize and catalog them into different sections. I had to interview all of the people involved and write it all up and transcribe everything. Now that all of this is completed, we are in full layout mode. The pipes sections are completed and the pools chapter is being worked on. We are hoping that everything will be done within the next two months. Thanks for your interest and support. – Ozzie


4 thoughts on “William Sharp Book Project – Layout

  1. Wonderful! Since i’ve been following and reading your posts for a couple of years now and the fact that i enjoy your writings and love skateboarding photos, it will be a blessing to own a copy of this book.

  2. Really looking forward to it. Let me know if you need an extra eye to look over the layouts. I’ve written/designed books and know what a massive undertaking it is.

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