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Tony Alva

Tony Alva

Love among men… it’s a subject that makes most uncomfortable. That said, I love Tony Alva for many reasons, most importantly, he’s real. You can say what you want about him, but I know who he is, and that person is worthy of loving and looking up to. To have become a close friend with him is something I’m not only proud of, but something I’m also grateful for.

We met on a hill overlooking the ocean. The skies were overcast and grey, the mood, mellow. Our destination would be considered a paradise to any surfer or skater on the planet. Our host Angelo was gracious as always. Why wouldn’t he be? This was his paradise we were visiting. It was a place he’d created for himself and so generously shared with us and so many more…  William Sharp was with us as well, another man I’m unafraid to admit loving, an old friend that photographed many memorable sessions with Tony and I back in the day. Our mission was simple, meet on the hill and roll around in a clover shaped bowl, while William shot a few photos… a quiet, unhurried day with a few close friends and a great deal of good conversation.

Kent Senatore

Kent Senatore

According to the historians, we are legends. All three of us. We’re supposed to do that kind of thing with ease, although in my case it’s a bit of a struggle to own the title, “Legend”. We talked and traded runs. Tony was drawing flawless lines that connected every pocket and hip while laying down immaculate edgers one after another. I was following and attempting to emulate him as I always have… both of us holding the conversation as we rode. The session ended on a good note with Tony busting a beautiful backside air on the right hand hip… on that last run he rode out of the bowl and up the roll in. He looked me in the eyes and said, “One trick leads to another…” Alva wisdom. Now that’s a man who knows how to own the title, “Legend.”

It’s been said that without intention… words are nothing more than so many letters arranged in the right order and that the action possesses the power, not the words. Here’s a bit of Senatore wisdom:  let your heart guide you through this thing we call life, be yourself, and never be afraid to express your love for a friend. Thank you for the opportunity to write this guest post Ozzie, love you bro! – Kent Senatore

Thank you to William Sharp for the images and Kent Senatore for the awesome Guest Post. Skate- Ozzie


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  1. Give me a call Kent…lets talk about Animals as Leaders…Guthrie Govan…King Crimson…Metheny…Robert Fripp…Porcupine Tree…IQ…Marillion…Collage…Flower Kings..,
    miss the music talk…

  2. Now that was touching…You know when you have a real friend !!! GREAT POST
    let the “LEGENDS” live on

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