Back in the Day / Release

Jay Smith at Mondo's Pool

Jay Smith at Mondo’s Pool

Back in the Day. William Sharp and I have completed our book. It has been a long and arduous process. Books don’t write themselves. Just when we thought the end was near, something else came up. Setting it up. Knocking it down. Gingko Press is doing the final publishing process and it is scheduled for release on November 1, 2016. Obviously, William and I are overjoyed. We’ve lived with the text and images for four long years… We had to make some changes to the front and back covers, remove some images, decrease page numbers and a few other things, but the work is virtually identical to the vision we set out to produce. I was adamant that the skaters themselves be the voice of the book. They were there. They know what happened. Who better to tell it than they?

Jay Smith at Mondo's Pool

Jay Smith at Mondo’s Pool

Over one hundred skateboarding pioneers are featured. This book covers an era… not an area. It is a slice of skateboarding history and it is William’s photographic images and the skaters memories. I wrote chapter headings to set things up… The book is available pre-order from Amazon and Gingko Press. I’ve included both links. I’ve written on the Blue Tile Obsession for years. I’ve supported and covered countless events, art shows, contests, demo’s, tours, interviews and brought you hundreds of backyard pool stories. It is my hope that you’ll now purchase my book and support my dream. Thank you for everything. I’ll let you know when we launch the book and where. William and I thank you here and now. Thank you to William Sharp for the previously unpublished Jay Smith images. Skate – Ozzie

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  1. At 468 pages this looks like a real effort. Mine is on order. Thank you for putting this together, it was such a huge part of my youth.

  2. Ozzie, You have my support. I enjoy your posts and emails. Just placed my pre-order. Looking forward to the release of the book.

    I don’t get to get out to the pools/parks as much as I’d like. I’m on the road road traveling with my band The Boys Of Summer most of the year, and while I do bring my gear everywhere with me, I don’t get to hang out at home in the valley as much as Id like.

    Someday, we will skate Chris Turbis


  3. Awesome Ozz man. I Love reliving my coping dreams looking at your emails, articles and pics. Thanks Bro.

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