New Jersey / Tom Groholski

Terry Sullivan / Asbury Park NJ

Terry Sullivan / Asbury Park NJ

Tom Groholski

To quote Henry Rollins  “The bottom line is that Glen was there at the beginning of so much cool stuff, in so many areas, it’s not funny.” New Jersey in the late nineteen seventies was no exception.  Before the opening of the great Cherry Hill Skatepark, the shore points of New Jersey were a hotbed of skateboarding activity during that time.  The Garden State had it’s share of skate parks and people who ripped them.

Brian 'Dig It' Maples - Monster Bowl Snake Run

Brian ‘Dig It’ Maples – Monster Bowl Snake Run

Lance Thompkins - Fiber Ryder

Lance Thompkins – Fiber Ryder

Glen was there capturing the rippers of the day and the influences of tomorrow. I was fortunate enough to grow up under the wings of these great skaters.  Seeing these images now really brings me back to a very important (and sacred) time in New Jersey skateboarding.  Thank you Ozzie, and thank you Glen for digging into the archives!  TG

Thank you to Tom Groholski for the words and Glen E. Friedman for the previously unpublished photographs. Skate – Ozzie


3 thoughts on “New Jersey / Tom Groholski

  1. Great stuff!! I went to the monster bowl 2 times & cherry hill once, great stuff for a 12 year old!! So glad to still be skating @ 49

  2. Great stuff. Now living in SD, I get to tell people all of the stories of the great scene I had in NJ. I was fortunate enough to go to high school with the Kane brothers, Dan Tag and the rest of the OG barn boys.

    The barn was the center of it all for us until we discovered SLUG, OC and Cheap Skates came along. Tom, when you or Murf showed up at the Barn and showed us what was possible in NJ as a skateboarder it opened all of our eyes. The ripping was one thing but more importantly I always remember you (and Murf) knowing my name, talking music and show, and just being nice to that 15 year old kid.

    Rocky, Corn and a couple others still talk about it.

    Thanks for the post Ozzie. ~ Taylor / Team Steam Scumbag Crew

  3. Stocked to see this vintage coverage being released from Glen E. Friedman. The speed of progression was immense at this time. Was just a maybe two years prior we were all freestyling, slaloming, and high jumping.

    Roots run deep and so do my friends . Alan”Ozzie”Ausband, Tom Groholski and Glen E. Friedman!

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