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Mike Williams

Mike Williams

Mike Williams
Living in Nor Cal,  I don’t really get to hang out with the old So Cal, La Costa crew. Thank you Glen for dusting off this old photo. I don’t think I’ve seen it before. The Phoenix team shirt and narrow board definitely makes it early 1976. What most people never realized was during those early years, I was already twenty five years old, with two kids and a mortgage, all while trying to run Gullwing and skate professionally. Now at sixty five, I wonder why I didn’t skate more back then? Everyone else during those times were teenagers and skating all day. Trying to compete with them was a bitch. Especially slalom. The little suckers were always nipping at my heels. I really liked vert riding. It was more like surfing, which is something I always did and maybe that’s why I had a natural aptitude for it. My greatest contribution to skateboarding were the Gullwing trucks and the right angled king pin. I was looking for something that turned more like a surfboard. Every time I see a new adjustable slalom truck or a longboard cruise by,  I think, “I invented that.” My little joke. But, modern skaters have taken things to a level we could have never imagined. It feels good to have left something behind other than old photos, memories and stories. Thanks for noticing.
In appreciation, Michael Williams
Thank you to Mike Williams for the words and Glen E. Friedman for the previously unpublished image. Skate – Ozzie
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  1. Another thing I flashed on in this photo was the pads. Before anyone made skateboard pads, I went looking for pads that didn’t slip off when you needed them. I contacted Torsten Hallman racing and They sponsored me. They worked better than anything at that time and a lot of other skaters started using them.

  2. Seems I remember the ramp and sheds? Not positive. I really like the Belair Boards guys and Chris Chapult.

  3. I wonder if Mike recalls visiting my backyard ramp in College Park, MD with Chris Chaput during the Belair Boards era of tbe late 70’s? It was built by my Dad, my brother and I just after the Rampage ramp photos were published in Skateboarder, so it was 10′ radius just to vert. on each side with no flat bottom and only eight feet wide. What was unique about it was that my Dad’s justification for building it, besides keeping us out of trouble and safely in the backyard, was incorporating sheds under each end! It was also painted green, which might help with the recall of this long-ago memory. I’ll have to see if I can find some old pics to scan.

    Anyway, I am happy to see Mike getting his long overdue props! As I recall he was very nice to my brother and I.

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